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Headliner  Art Fair DISARTIVE - 2021

The CryptGallery New York - Cryptinish exposition 2022

ArtExchange Federation Square, Melbourne Australia feb - may 2023

Martisha Merems is a multidisciplinary artist

Born in Belarus. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

For a long time she was engaged in traditional oil painting. In 2020, I switched to 3D art.


"In my works I create a universe of sensual and mystical characters, symbolism and emotions.

This universe is about the subconscious and irrational side of human and the world.
It is important for me to share this vision with the world.

I speak through my art
about the multidimensional perception of reality, about the transformation of fear and pain, about love, about finding a balance within the chaos of events and feelings, about the infinity of the soul and the magic of the universe."


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